Program & online materials

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Please note that not all presenters could deliver online materials due to the fact that for other publication purposes no other materials were allowed to be published before.

Animated display of moving objects and spatio-temporal coordinated events
Maggi, S. & Fabrikant, S.

Usability of Uncertainty Visualisation Methods: A Comparison between Different User Groups
Senaratne, H.; Reusser, D. & Schreck, T.

Visualising Interpolations of Mobile Sensor Observations
Nüst, D.

Cartographic design and visual variables usability for linear features
Kubicek, P.; Sasinka, D.;  Stachon, Z.; Sterba, Z.; Apeltauer, J. & Senk, P.

Dynamic maps for supporting spatial decision processes
Masala, E. & Pensa, S.  [extended abstract] [slides]

Toward User-Centred Geovisual Analytics in Maritime Surveillance
Vatin, G. & Napoli, A. [extended abstract] [slides]

Improving collective intelligence and exploration in a VGI like context through communication of uncertainty information
Schiewe, J. [extended abstract]

Using cartograms to explore temporal data: Do they work?
Ullah, R.; Kraak, M.-J. & van Elzakker, C.  [extended abstract] [slides]

Visual clustering of spatio-temporal hotspots for taxi activity in Shanghai
Krisp, J.; Ding, L. & Wie, L.

Development of a Prototype for Uncertainty-Aware Visual Analytics of Land Cover Change
Kinkeldey, C. & Schiewe, J.

Geovisualization of Event Sequences with T-pattern Analysis in STempo
Robinson, A.C.; Hardisty, F.; Stehle, S. & Peuquet, D.J.

Visualizing the Geographies of the Haiti Crisis Map
Dillingham, I.; Dykes, J. & Wood, J.

Visual mining of moving flock patterns in large spatio-temporal datasets using a frequent pattern approach
Turdulokov, U., Calderon, A.O., Huisman, O. & Retsios, B.

Comparison of Eye-Movement Paths while solving Geographical Tasks

Popelka, S.; Brychtova, A. & Hanzelka, J.

VISWIZ - A Visualization Toolkit for 3-D/4-D Geospatial Data Representation
Steffen, D. & Michel, F. [extended abstract] [FastForward] [Slides]

The use of sparklines for improving communication efficiency of parallel coordinates when visualizing vulnerability to natural hazards
Opach, T. & Rod, J.K.

Realtime focus maps for wayfinding applications
van Dijk, T.C. & Haunert, J.-H.

Towards Improving City Structure by Monitoring and Analyzing Pedestrian Mobility

Andrienko, G.; Andrienko, N. & van der Spek, S.C. [slides]

Potentials of and Approaches for Multi-Perspective Visualization of 3D Spatial Models
Pasewaldt, S. & Döllner, J.

Classifying travel behaviour within a large-scale, origin-destination dataset: developing a Visual Analytics approach
Beecham, R., Wood, J. & Bowerman, A.

Towards Visualizing Geo-Referenced Climate Networks

Buschmann, S.; Nocke, T.; Tominski, C.& Döllner, J.

An Exploratory Interface to Public Data for Citizens
Slingsby, A.; Wood, J.; Dykes, J. & Radburn, R.

Augmentation of 2D maps to 3D using positional traces
Hershko, N. & Elber, G.

Geovisual Analytics and Storytelling Applied to a Flood Scenario

Ho, Q. & Jern, M. [extended abstract] [slides]

Digging for Non-Dominant Mobility Patterns
Sagl, G. & Loidl, M. [extended abstract]

A comparative user evaluation of six alternative permafrost visualizations for reading and interpreting temperature information
Dall'Acqua, L., Coltekin, A. & Noetzli, J. [extended abstract]

Visualizing the Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge

Skupin, A.; Stowell, M.; Du, F. & Fraley, G.

 Exploration of time-dependent paleoceanographic flow data in virtual reality
Westerteiger, R.

 Analyzing Effectiveness of Spatio-Temporal Data Visualization Techniques
Adali, S., Eren, M.T., Kaya, E. & Balcisoy, S. [slides] [video]

Investigating Spatial Patterns in User-Generated Photographic Datasets by Means of Interactive Visual Analytics

Kachkaev, A. & Wood. J.

 A Low-Threshold Geovisualization of Statistical Data on Commuter Relationships
Specht, S. & Hanewinkel, C. [extended abstract]

 Geovisualization for lay user's decision support: Reducing the spatial Information overload
Kumar, C.; Heuten, W. & Boll, S. [extended abstract]

 Modeling movement behavior in a decentralized way
Feuerhake, U.

Unfolding - A Simple Library for Interactive Maps and Geovisualizations in Processing

Nagel, T.; Heidmann, F.; Duval, E.; Klerkx, J.  &    Vande Moere, A.

 Green Spaces: Interactively Mapping the Results of a Public Consultation
Slingsby, A. & Radburn, R.

 What the Quest for Tactile Maps Can Teach Us about Making Interactive Maps
Graf. C. [extended abstract] [slides]