Thursday, March 10

10:00 Opening session

Welcome addresses
Jochen Schiewe (Local Organizer), Jukka Krisp (representing ICA Commission Chair), Gennady Andrienko (ICA Commission Chair)

Fast Forward
All presenters - chaired by Jason Dykes

11:00 Oral presentations (Chair: Jason Dykes)

Web-based Interactive Visualization of Reconstructed Cognized and Functional Spaces: The case of U.S. Migration 
Zhaoya Gong, Jean-Claude Thill [slides...]

Geovisualization Challenges of Seascape Genetics
Eoin Mac Aoidh, Jann Th. Martinsohn [slides...]

12:00 Oral presentations (Chair: Jochen Schiewe)

Geovisualization of fishing vessel movement patterns using hybrid fractal/velocity signatures
René A. Enguehard, Rodolphe Devillers, Orland Hoeber [slides...]

Implementation and evaluation of a Flow Map Demonstrator for analyzing work commuting flows between Norway and Sweden
Quan Ho, Hai-Phong Nguyen, Mikael Jern [slides...]

Designing Interactive Graphics for Validating and Interpreting Storm Track Model Outputs
Aidan Slingsby, Jane Strachan, Jason Dykes, Jo Wood, Pier-Luigi Vidale [slides...]

14:00 Mini talks (Chair: Ekkehard Matthias)

Lenticular Creation of Thematic Multi-Layer-Models
Manfred F. Buchroithner, Claudia Knust, Frank Dickmann, Kai Bröhmer [slides...]

Spatial data exploration of large-area VHR satellite classification results and derivates through cartographic visualization

Tillmann Lübker, Johannes Klein, Gertrud Schaab [slides...]

Publication of Comparison Information between Interpolated Appraised Land Prices and Transaction Land Prices
Ryo Inoue, Wataru Nakanishi, Ayako Sugiura, Taku Nakano, Shigeaki Yoneyama

Maps and Media
Birgit Wahrenburg-Jähnke [slides...]

Visualization problems of the Hungarian Earthquake Catalog
Andrea Põdör, Marta Kiszely [slides...]

Multi-Touch Interaction for Disaster Management
Volker Paelke, Karsten Nebe, Florian Klompmaker, Helge Jung [slides...]

Incorporating Uncertainty Information into the Visual Analysis of Self-Organizing Maps
Tonio Fincke [slides...]

15:15 Oral presentations (Chair: Gennady Andrienko)

Geostatistical Approaches for Geovisual Data Exploration, Analysis and 3D-Visualisation in Civil Security
Markus Wolff, Julia Gonschorek [slides...]

Visual comparison of Moving Window Kriging Models
Urška Demšar, Paul Harris [slides...]

Tackling uncertainty in combined visualizations of underground information and 3D city models
Michel Krämer, Martin Dummer, Tobias Ruppert, Jörn Kohlhammer [slides...]

Framework for Detection and Analysis of Land Cover Changes Using Visual Analytics
Christoph Kinkeldey, Jochen Schiewe [slides...]

16:30 Oral presentations (Chair: Jochen Schiewe)

Pattern recognition in pedestrian movement trajectories
Colin Kuntzsch, Monika Sester [slides...]

Towards appropriate representations of quantitative data in virtual environments
Susanne Bleisch [slides...]

Using Camera State Transforms for Commuter Network Visualization
Yves Chiricota, Michael J. McGuffin, Martin Simard [slides...]

Friday, March 11

9:00 Oral presentations (Chair: Jukka Krisp)

Comparison of Spatial Knowledge Acquisition with Different Presentation Forms in the Context of GPS-based Pedestrian Navigation
Haosheng Huang, Manuela Schmidt, Georg Gartner [slides...]

Visual Exploration of Extreme Events in Large, Heterogeneous Climate Data
Thomas Nocke

Geo-Visual Analytics: Requirements form a user perspective
Doris Dransch, Mike Sips [slides...]

Using multiplicative hybrid hedonic pricing model for improving revenue management in hotel business
Slava Kisilevich, Daniel Keim, Yossi Palivatkel, Lior Rokach

10:30 Mini talks (Chair: Jason Dykes)

Application of an Adaptive and Directed Kernel Density Estimation (AD-KDE) for the Visual Analysis of Traffic Data
Jukka M. Krisp, Stefan Peters, Masria Mustafa

True-3D Goes Operational – Recent Trends in Autostereoscopic Geovisualisation
Claudia Knust, Manfred Buchroithner [slides...]

Processing and Visualizing of Geodata with HotSpot - a web-ased GeoCMS
Christian Aden

Geovisualization in Neogeography?
Tanmoy Das, Menno-Jan Kraak [slides...]

Automated Object-Identification for Isolated Transient Landforms in Remote-Sensing Data
Lucia Tyrallova, Stephan van Gasselt, Hartmut Asche [slides...]

Application of Spatial Modeling Approaches and Techniques within an Ecological Framework
Ullrich von Bramann, Alicia V. Linzey, Antje Schwalb, Stephan van Gasselt [slides...]

Interactive Areal Annotations for 3D Treemaps of Large-Scale Software Systems

Christine Lehmann, Jonas Trümper, Jürgen Döllner [slides...]

11:45 Oral presentations (Chair: Georg Gartner)

Exploring the Lineage of Volunteered Geographic Information with Heat Maps
Johannes Trame, Carsten Keßler

Development of Open Source Functionality for the Analysis and Visualization of Remotely Sensed Time Series
Connie A. Blok, Ulanbek D. Turdukulov, Raul Zurita-Milla, Bas Retsios, Martin Schouwenburg [slides...]

Rethinking dynamic visual variables: towards a framework of dynamic semiology
Ben Rebah M., Christine Zanin [slides...]

Position statement: Privacy Issues in Geospatial Visual Analytics
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko

14:00 Oral presentations (Chair: Jukka Krisp)

Methods of Spatial Knowledge Discovery in the Scope of Planning and Development
Martin Behnisch, Alfred Ultsch

Visualizing Bicycle Hire Model Distributions
Jo Wood, Aidan Slingsby, Jason Dykes

Geobrowsing the Globe: A Geovisual Analysis of Google Earth Usage

Pablo Abend, Tristan Thielmann, Ralph Ewerth, Dominik Seiler, Markus Mühling, Jörg Döring, Manfred Grauer, Bernd Freisleben

15:00 Oral presentations (Chair: Gennady Andrienko)

Exploring faceted geo-spatial data with tangible interaction
Till Nagel, Frank Heidmann [slides...]

Visualizing Migration Dynamics Using Weighted Radial Variation

Clio Andris, Frank Hardisty

Empirical evaluation of visualizations of normal behavioral models for supporting maritime anomaly detection
Maria Riveiro, Göran Falkman [slides...]

Decomposition of Real-Time Visualization Pipelines into Services
Jürgen Döllner, Dieter Hildebrandt